Plots and so on

Okay, so a couple plot ideas have come up, here and at the hostel. So I figured I would outline what we have so far here and you guys can comment.
One thing that was brought up was what sort of rp this would be. We could do it as an old fashioned rp where we post as our characters and reply and what not. Or we could do it like a lot of other lj rps where it is like they are the characters actual journals and all the planning is done away from lj. I like both ideas, but I have only dealt with the old fashioned style and that was what I was planning for this. But I wouldn't mind trying out the lj style one also. Seriously, if we want both, I don't mind making another community.
Most of us agree that AU would be good and that we wouldn't mind Excelsior being in the game. There is also mention of the parents not being dead and we already have an Alex. Someone also mentioned that they wouldn't mind if we started from the very beginning.
Also, due to lots of people wanting to play the main characters, I thought that we could have doubles, evil doubles that want to take over our lives...of course, that is a little dramatic...but something like that. Maybe the doubles don't know that they aren't the real runaways?
Maybe the gang could time travel to a parallel world (or back to the beginning) and the parents are still alive, there are themselves still there, and so on.
Anyway, I think that is all the ideas that have come up.


Hello, welcome all who have arrived and are arriving. Here is our roleplay. Clean and fresh. If anyone has any ideas of how to spruce the place up, please let me know. Shall we discuss ideas for a plot/storyline? I think we should make it AU sort of so that we can enjoy the comics and not worry about the comics affecting the rp too much. So, I don't know how AU we want to go. I would like to have Excelsior in it, I think. Ideas people?