Gertrude Yorkes (arsenic_oldlace) wrote in runaways_rpg,
Gertrude Yorkes


Hello, welcome all who have arrived and are arriving. Here is our roleplay. Clean and fresh. If anyone has any ideas of how to spruce the place up, please let me know. Shall we discuss ideas for a plot/storyline? I think we should make it AU sort of so that we can enjoy the comics and not worry about the comics affecting the rp too much. So, I don't know how AU we want to go. I would like to have Excelsior in it, I think. Ideas people?
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Excelsior would be neat, yeah!

As far as AUing it goes, we could go as far as having the parents still be alive or picking up new additions to the Runaways crew, or stick with something smaller.

And yeee I'm excited! I hope this will be fun!
Hey! Thanks for joining so quickly! We have two! Woohoo! Anyway, I'm glad you like my ideas, and I like yours! We just gotta figure out which ones to choose. What would be easiest to start out with? We just need to get the ball rolling I guess and then we can add stuff and make it more exciting as we go. :)
Sorry, Talkback, Chase, and Chasestein are all taken, even Neo was taken, so now im "the jock"(by the way, its percguy).

anyway, is there somewhere on this site that kuld tell me exactly wut live journal, and what AP, and what all this different stuff is???????

Im very confused, and i have no clue how to use live journal or anything...... i jus reallie luv chase and the runaways, and id reallie like to play, so ya.

kuld sumone explain in a little more detail please???
I know, I had the same trouble with my user name. I wanted just 'arsenic', but hey. Anyway, firstly, you must know something about lj to be able to create a journal right? And you can post. There isn't too much more to it really. Would you like me to make a Chase icon for you? Don't worry too much, all you have to do is make posts and reply to posts. I don't know what AP is either.
AU means Alternate Universe. It's when we augement the original storyline with our own plots, characters, or anything else.

LiveJournal has a very extensive FAQ section that should be able to answer any questions you have about how the site functions.

And it might help if you could possibly use proper punctuation and spellings? :)
Okay, Thanks.

Deleted comment

Awesome. Practice is good. :) We need all the players we can get. I think soon we'll have to do a call out for baddies. I don't know much about Alex, last time I checked he went bad then died. How do you want to play him?

Deleted comment

I like the sound of him being bad and alive. LOL We need baddies. :)
Hey!! Excelsior is a great idea~ :D And I think having it AU so as to not affect the comics is a great idea. Great idea for a RP!
Thank you! Are you going to be playing Karolina?
I would looove to. :D

I made this journal to use as her in a muse community and I never got around to it >_< -- I'm tenel_ka over at the_hostel. :D So when I saw there was a Runaways RPG I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use the journal!
That is awesome. We're going well. All we need is Nico and hopefully user will sign up as her. Then we will at least have all the good guys right? :) We can pretty much get started. It would be nice to have some baddies, but we can temp/npc them until we get some official ones. (For user, that just means that we will play the baddies as well as our characters until someone comes to play them.)
Sorry, I'm terrible with html. The first user was pandayuna and the second user was the_jock.